Collaboration with Version Control: Git and GitHub

Does this happen to you? What about bouncing files back and forth amongst collaborators through email? Or even keeping track of your own files between multiple devices? [Read More]
Tags: git, github, version control, collaboration, workflow

The missing question in supervised learning

You all know the drill – you’re asked to make predictions of a continuous variable, so you turn to your favourite supervised learning method to do the trick. But have you ever suspected that you could be after the wrong type of output before you even begin? [Read More]
Tags: supervised-learning, mean, quantile, median, probabilistic-forecasting

Hello, World! Here's why I'm writing for you.

I find myself writing a lot. Usually, I squirrel my notes away in my local file management system. But that’s not very useful for you, and it’s not ideal for me, either. [Read More]
Tags: hello-world, vincenzo-coia